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It’s midnight.
I’m momentarily energized.
I’m staring at the clock
Counting down the seconds
Until daylight.
I’m passing the time
Caught between sleeping
And a wakeful mind.
Staring sightlessly at
The rhythmical blinking
Of the light.
Wondering if it’s true
What they say –
If you cannot sleep
Then you’re wide awake
In someone else’s dream
The love of your life
The mate of your soul
The one you just might
Never have met
But you’re looking for –
Then where are you now?
Are you in this time zone
Will you be at your window
As the sun goes down?
Or will it be rising for you
At just the same
Time that I clock out?
Is that why I’m feeling
So sleepy?
Are you fast asleep
And dreaming about me?
As I fight the battle
Of the seventh night
On this shift –
Trying to stay awake
As I’m patiently waiting?
Or are you nodding in and out?
Staring at a blinking light
That refuses to die out?
Are you contemplating
Your very existence
As you wait for
Dawn’s break
Like me?