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I found you in a place unknown
A graveyard of sorts
Filled with whispers and ghosts
And faded photographs
In frames of gold
And brass and silver
Somehow imperishable.
There you were
Seated on faded leather
Amid the frames of ideas
That had gone no further
Than the first spark of
Only to fade fast into
Life’s demand for attention.
All around you
Were steel beams
Off the old foundations
Of these wishes and dreams
That were –
Somehow forgotten –
And yet familiar
Because they exist in other
Places –
All these small tasks
Of my daily existence.
You looked ageless
Like you’d been suspended
In time
Like the last true likeness of
Taken before they died –
You know the one –
The one the living will speak
Of fondly
Whenever they relive
The memories.
There was
No impatience or bitterness
In your eyes
It was like you knew that
I would come there
Even if you had to wait
You received me with
A genuine smile
And I sat beside you –
Resting –
Coz I had walked for miles
Trying to find you!
Having sifted through the
Clutter of my mind
Pushing aside those voices
Telling me that I’d be
Denied the
Living of my dreams
Hoping that I would find you
The first true spark of
My inner Truth.
I looked into your eyes
And I knew you knew –
I knew you had known
That I would somehow find you
And reawaken this flame
That I thought was dead
And I said –
“Hello, Me, I’m so glad
I have finally found you!”