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I see almost nothing.
I look for what matters to me
In my surroundings
And if I don’t find it
I am blind to almost everything
Else –
I will miss your perceived flaws
And I will see what I think
Is inherently wrong
With you –
Maybe it is wrong with me?
I don’t claim to be perfect
I am not even good
But that doesn’t stop me
From trying to be.
But, for my big eyes
I miss a lot of things.
Because I’m trying to find
A little bit of me in this
World –
I’m trying to find something
To connect with
Even when this place seems
Determined to hide it.
Even when the World
Seems to want to be filled
With islands.
And in my bid to find
Some meaning
I have tunnel vision
And I miss almost everything.
But in a way
I’m glad I’m blind
To some things.
It would be too much
To be constantly aware
And affected by everything.
I could never lose myself
In the things I Love
And bask in the glory
Of the reciprocal
And all of its beauty –
And I Hope you can see
My big eyes
Because in them
You can see
What a lot of people miss
From my smile
Because maybe
They are also looking for
And when they can’t
Find it
They ignore everything
Else –