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I could Write Poetry for you all day.
It’s the same Words.
Different order.
The same thing that
I’m trying to say.
Do the Words fail in
My throat
Because they’re not meant
To be known
By you?
If I say them out loud
Will they ring untrue?
I l –
I Lo –
I think I Love –
Heard it, didn’t you?
The Word that stalled
In my mouth –
The one I stopped –
Catching it before it could
Fall upon your ears?
For you to hear?
For me to say
Just in case I never
Get the chance again
And again and again
Every time I see your face
The admission forms
But I can’t seem to shake
My fears of the way
You just might shake
Your head
Like you negate
My truth
So that you just might
Me take it all back.
And I know I can.
And you’ll return to
Your Life
And I will fall back
Into mine.
And I will try to move on
And you’ll be fine –
And I will continue
To Write
These Poems about you.
Every word true…