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I’ve been thinking about being alone.
And the ambivalence of
Wanting someone – just one –
To share that space
From your brightest of times
To my darkest of days.
I’ve been wondering
What it must be like
To wake up with someone beside
Only to spend the rest of your day
In your own time.
Not that they go about their lives
And leave you there.
They understand your need
For self-time
And you don’t question
Any of it
You sit in your solitude
Knowing they care –
Or will I lose this need entirely.
Will I want them only
To be with me?
Will I understand this
Thing called unity –
To allow myself to be bound
To another
And to forever be cleaved?
Will I no longer want to be alone?
Will I feel it as lonely?
When I finally get
The taste of what it’s like
To have someone stand beside me?
Or will this remain as it is?
This part of me –
The only kind of life
That I’ve ever lived?
Or will that desire fade?
Burn down to nothing once again?
Will I remain standalone
Happy in my own company?