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“You’re still here!”
Is the response I get
When people disappear
And return to find me
In the same place from when they left.
“Don’t you wana do something else?
Change of scenery?”
I guess
But not in the work place
The pace of the scenery changes
Every time –
I’m already doing that.
People come and they go
In their pursuit of something more
And they’re excited to learn
And to grow
And to expand the base
Of their scope.
“You shouldn’t be afraid
To try new things.”
This is what they
Repeatedly say –
No –
It’s not just about
Fear of
Finding new places –
It’s not just about
Drowning in a sea
Of strange and unfamiliar faces –
I know if it came
Down to it –
I know I could take it.
No –
This is about being
Forced to do the thing
Again and again
Just for another end game.
This is about stepping stones
To supposedly better places
Even though –
These very stones
Burn holes in my very Soul
And break my Heart to pieces
And I cannot replace them.
It’s about Life playing it’s
Own games
And me battling to participate.
It’s about finally coming
Into my own at my own pace.
It’s about the pistol going off
At the start of my own race.
It’s about the dreams I chase.
It’s about the worlds I create.
You ask me why I haven’t left
This place.
Because I haven’t figured
Out the alternative.
If I go, I will never return.
I will lay my bars down
And watch them burn.
I know they say it –
“Once a nurse, always a nurse!”
And I know I would be elsewhere
If I could be anywhere
It’s about a thousand thousand lives
Being touched
And a thousand thousand lights
Glowing bright
From a tiny spark.
It’s about a thousand thousand Words
Spun into a thousand different tales
To help even one Soul get through
Their day.
It’s a Book on a shelf
Written just once
And Read a thousand thousand
Different ways…