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I wish that I could speak to you
With that same word flow
And that vibe and gusto
That comes through
Every time that I write a poem
And the words build and grow
Into something beautiful –
Coz in truth?
That’s you.
You inspire me to greatness
Every time I say this –
When I speak of loving you.
It feels like celestial magic
Like –
A preordained scripture
That even Angels
Aspire to.
I wish –
I wish that I could
Express my thoughts
As clearly as they come
Whenever I find myself writing about you.
I wish I didn’t
Have to stop and pause
In order to better articulate
When in conversation with you.
I wish you didn’t see
Two versions of me –
The one standing before you
And the one on the
Computer screen –
I wish my brain
Didn’t have to wait
Until you were away
For me to create
This poetic image of you –
But then again –
I’m happy that my mind
Stays quiet
And listens every time
That I am
With you.
I live inside
Those moments
And you own all my focus
When I spend time
With you.
When I think of this in
I realize
That it’s alright
That I find myself inspired
Only after I’ve been in
The company of you.
Because then I’m allowed
The time
To reminisce and meditate
And write out these stories
So that that the world
Should know the beauty
Of you –