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I really didn’t come this far
Just to fall back
Into useless and toxic ways.
I really didn’t work this hard
Just to allow
Dark energy into my space.
I didn’t defend this Heart
And this truth
Just to have you misidentify
My face.
I didn’t fight to get this part
Just to watch it crumble
And disintegrate –

The weight of
The opinions of others.
The names called
By those who would
Love to
Watch me suffer.
Those dark days
When I’d rather be someone
Than the Warrior Queen
That the gods birthed me to be!

I really didn’t grow and work this Art
Just to create only things
That are expected of me.
Naw –
I didn’t confront my dark
Just to decorate it with glitter
And things that are pretty.
I didn’t fight to find my healing
Just to run from my facts
And the force of my feeling.
I didn’t just become this strong –
I did the time.
I did the work.
And I will grow
For as long as I’m
Still breathing.